About Us

Ladderane offers instructors a platform to design and develop chemistry experiments fast, easy, and at a fraction of what it costs to operate a physical lab. Ladderane is a customizable platform that allows instructors to create experiments to meet their own needs and learning outcomes.

Ladderane can also be used to develop prelaboratory exercises to help students become familiar with both the theory and procedure of the experiments. It can also be employed to develop postlaboratory exercises, which provide an opportunity for students to apply experiment-acquired knowledge in other contexts. Instructors can also use Ladderane as a demonstration tool during lectures, as well as to develop short exercises to complement concepts taught in class.

Web-based platform: No download required

Ladderane uses the browser to render virtual experiments, so there is no need to download any extra software. It is designed to operate independently of individual computers to assure both optimal accessibility and usability. Instructors have full control over their labs from their dashboard. They can design, create, and edit their experiments, as well as monitor student progress.

Fully customizable

Instructors have the option to create experiments from scratch or use our template experiments available in the gallery section of their dashboard. They can customize a wide variety of different elements for each experiment, including, but not limited to, chemical names, glassware, colors and states of matter. This flexibility provides an opportunity to create a unique experiment for both individual students and group of students.

No time to develop your experiments? Can’t find a suitable template in the gallery to address your needs? Don’t worry! Just send us your experimental procedure and we will develop your experiment for you!

YouTube integration

In order to make labs more interactive, we designed Ladderane to be fully compatible with YouTube. To this end, YouTube videos can be added to experiments at any stage for the purpose of explaining experimental procedures, and theories, as well as to demonstrate laboratory techniques.

Provide tips, ask questions, and collect data

Ladderane allows instructors to add questions and tips to experiments at any point to help students reflect on the experimental procedures. Ladderane keeps track of student work, including answers to the questions. Conveniently, instructors have full access to this information from their dashboard. This collected information is stored and fully encrypted in our platform to ensure both student privacy and confidentially. The instructor is the only person who can view student data. Please read our Privacy Policy about these and other features.