Ladderane Helps You Create Customizable Web-based Chemistry Experiments.

Design and develop experiments to meet your specific learning outcomes. Whether you are teaching chemistry at university or high school, we've got you covered.

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Ladderane provides a customizable platform for instructors to develop unique experiments based on different learning outcomes.
Web-based platform
With Ladderane, there is no need to install or download any software. Developing and accessing the experiments are made easy through our web-based platform.
Research based
Ladderane incorporates pedagogical theories, such as cognitive load theory and multimedia design principles, to maximize student learning.

About Us

Ladderane is a customizable platform that allows instructors to create experiments to meet their own needs and learning outcomes. It provides an environment for creating virtual chemistry labs to help with remote learning.

It can also be used to develop prelaboratory exercises to help students become familiar with both the theory and procedure of the experiments.

Instructors can also use Ladderane as a demonstration tool during lectures, as well as to develop short exercises to complement concepts taught in class.

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